Apr. 12th, 2013

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I'm not someone who deals with grief well--I never have been and I'm really aware of that tendency in myself. So, because I'm utterly failing in self-care at the moment, I'll distract myself by creating another post about Japan. Cut for a brief moment of wondering about shock and a quick bit of more brain-spinning processing. )

On our second day in Japan, I walked [livejournal.com profile] thewronghands to the Budokan for her seminar, then bravely tackled Tokyo mass transit to find a park with blooming cherries. I'd been considering joining her for the workshop, but I'd mysteriously arrived in Japan with a damaged ankle that was not made better by hiking near Fuji. I still don't know what happened, but the area around my anklebone was horrifically sore and the entire thing had swollen up like a baseball. I was walking around on it only because I was not going to hang out in a sterile business hotel in Tokyo after flying all the way there. But no ninja training for me.

I didn't go to one of the more amazing gardens, because I wasn't sure how Japan Rail intermeshed with the subway system and wanted to make it easy on myself. I figured it out later, and to my dismay realized it was all pretty easy. Ah, well. I ended up at Inokashira Park. The cherry blossoms were just starting to come out, but the people were out in droves, admiring them.

Inokashira Park )
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Thank you to everyone for being so supportive about the loss of my cat. Both on here and on Facebook, it's helped get me through some really tough days.

I was curious about what I could find regarding other cats dropping dead at the vet's office, so I did a lot of reading today. I've come to the conclusion that Tashi must have had heart disease, and probably had it at the advanced stage for the last six months. It is hard to diagnose in cats--for example, one symptom is sudden death in a stressful situation, like grooming or a vet visit.

Talk about kitty heart disease )


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