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Mar. 25th, 2003 05:09 pm
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This post was supposed to go out yesterday, but the computer was being weird.

I went dancing last night with an old Greek gentleman, in a taberna I stumbled across about 11 pm that was playing live music. I heard the music from my hotel room and wandered out to find it. Two old Plaka residents encouraged me to get up and dance with one of them, while the other yelled encouragment from the sidelines. I used to know the Greek footwork really well, but it's been a few years. I kept up, though. The other guy kept kissing me on both cheeks after each dance and toasting me. He was distressed that I was drinking vin instead of ouzo, but I just pointed to my head and made buzzing noises. Heh. He didn't speak English, but we both speak Spanish, so we communicated fairly well. Apparently, I'm beautiful, and it's a shame I'm not married. Well! Finally a compliment! I was wondering where all these Greek men who were supposed to be hitting on me were hiding! I was feeling cheated, damn it. I think all the so-called harpoonists are hiding out in southern Italy, where it's actually warm, until the season starts. Which is the day I go home.

It's snowing lightly. I may pass on Delphi, because if it's snowing here, it'll be snowing there harder.

Off to the airport to rent a car.


Mar. 22nd, 2003 01:58 pm
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In Athens, and am beginning to sway, I'm so tired. Spent the morning hiking around the Acropolis, and then on a hill opposite it which was even cooler--no one was there, and it was miles of neat cobbled trails leading to the summit of a huge hill. The view was incredible. Athens is a hopelessly confusing city--I still haven't found the hotel I want to stay at tonight. But I'm sure I'm within 500 meters or so. Ready for a nap, so I hope I find it soon.


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