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When I was in Berchtesgaden National Park, I came across these two hiking nuns and had to take their pic. I love the expression on the redhead's face. She was trying to figure out if I wanted her to take my pic or vice versa. They were absolutely adorable.

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I woke up in the middle of the night with absolutely no idea where I was. I looked around my room for what seemed like an endless amount of time before finally remembering that I'd come home.

Most of my updates will be directly from my personal journal, or I'd write forever. I'm going to just stick to highlights. Before I do, though, here is a breakdown of what I did. I kept a concise calendar in my journal, noting what I did that day, so I wouldn't get temporally disoriented and have to ask people what day it was.

Sept 13: Left. Home to DC to Munich. Slept on plane.
Sept 14: Arrived Munich, went on to Salzburg and Berchesgaden.
Sept 15: Hiked above Konigssee in the National Park. Late train to Munich.
Sept 16: Flew to Athens.
Sept 17: Train to Larissa, Litochora.
Sept 18: Hiked Mt. Olympos. Stayed at Refuge A.
Sept 19: Hiked Mt. Olympos. Hiked out, late bus to Thessaloniki.
(The rest on my next post)

Some details through Mt. Olympos )
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I need to take the time to get some of this down before I start forgetting.

The quick version...

Day 1, in all its glory )

Und today... )


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