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(Made for me by a guy on the longhair boards.)
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The mixing of two obssessions...

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...with one lucky guy.

Dianyla, Me, Jason and Angela at Butchart Gardens. (Yes, Dianyla's hair is really that long. Yes, Angela's hair is naturally that color.)

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Hiking Log

Mar. 7th, 2005 10:43 pm
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Hiking log: Tunnel Falls, somewhere in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon.
With: The Intrepid Dianyla.
Mileage: 15

After a fun longhair meeting in Portland, Dianyla and I headed up the Gorge. We'd had a highly entertaining time in the Chinese Garden, wandering about the blooming trees, taking tea in the teahouse and scaring the short-haired tourists. Well, not "scaring," but definitely confusing. We handed a camera to a nice lady who offered to take our photo, since it was obvious we were all together. We responded with a delighted affirmative and promptly presented her with our backsides.

Twenty seconds later. " want me to take a picture of your backs?"


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I regret not taking my camera with me today, because I drove up to Steven's Pass to see the snow and ended up hiking up along the ridge for a few hours. Ski season is not yet upon us, so the only people up there were the teenagers and parents with young children who were playing in the snow of the parking lot, and glissading down hills to the parking lot. I hiked up and past the human noise, underneath the silent ski lift and across the bowl that cuddles the ski lodge. The mountains are only lightly white, compared to what they will be shortly, but there was a decent snow pack on the trail. The sound of absolute silence that can come in a snowfall wasn't there yet, and I intend to return with snowshoes a couple of times this winter to get away into that.

Did some qi gong, some deep breathing, and remembered exactly why it is I need to get out every moment I can.

Started feeding the squirrels and birds again at home. I phased it out over the summer, because momma squirrel was teaching her babies to rely on me for food. They've had several months to learn how to forage and also to store their goodies for winter. I know they've been building squirrel nests, because they get into the recycle bins and steal newspaper. There is shredded paper abundantly about, because they aren't too tidy about it.

I got a few birds today, and the short-tailed squirrel (Herbie calls him "Stub") came for a snack. I was pleased to see that it was just a nibble. Stub obviously wasn't hungry.

A woman at a cafe today complimented my hair and then, not even a breath later, said I should donate it. I didn't feel like explaining why her comment was ludicrous, so I just shook my head and said, "I'm NOT cutting my hair." She looked suprised. I found it sad and exasperating that she looked surprised.
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Mileage: 4 and a little
Buttkicking factor: Uphill, but I've done this hike so often that it just doesn't seem too tough anymore. Got my breath moving a little.

This is a hike on beautiful Chuckanut Drive heading into Bellingham, a scenic route easily overlooked if you aren't in the know. This is the way to approach Bellingham. It's so jaw-droppingly gorgeous that even if you've been along this stretch of sunny, rocky coastline before, you'll pull over in amazement at least twice.

One place to pull over is at this trailhead. It's opposite Larrabee State Park, so you can't miss it. Don't miss that, either, though. This trail takes you up first to a viewpoint looking over the islands, and then continues up to a serene little mountain lake. I'll post photos later. The only problem I have with this hike is that it's so popular it's hard to find true quiet up there, and this lake would be perfect for utter silence. If you head up early in the day, you're more likely to have the path around the lake, with the odd bench set up here and there, to yourself.

I was sitting on one of the benches, basking in the crystal-perfect reflection of the mountains and the trees in the water, when two people came up behind me. I had let my hair down from my chignon and was brushing it out with my fingers, and I impulsively asked the woman to take a photo of my hair (with my camera). She did, and then said, "You have a lot of hair."

Tangent into a rant. )

Good hike. Start work tomorrow. Sigh.


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