Mar. 29th, 2003 10:45 am
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Two weeks is not *nearly* enough time here. I added an extra day onto my Naxos portion of the trip in order to climb Mt. Zeus (or Zas, as the locals call it) with a girl I met from Canada. It was fun getting there...telling the bus driver to stop in the middle of nowhere near a branch in the road, on the assumption that it was fairly close to the trailhead. It was, and all was well. It is the highest peak on Naxos, and perhaps in the Cyclades. According to local legend, Zeus was raised in a cave on the mountain.

The lovely Nicoleta (of Hotel Grotta) fed me local citron liquer, local cheese, local yogurt and honey, and fresh baked bread for the last few mornings. At night, we stayed up talking politics, love, etc. I left my copy of Lord Valentine's Castle at the hotel, and took another sf book from the shelf.

I'm getting tan. I'm also off to Santorini in a few hours.

I don't want to go home. Just want to keep moving around for a few months.
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I have discovered heaven on earth. I'm on Naxos, and I won't want to leave. I am going to go see Santorini in a few days, but I want to submerge myself in this place for a while. The hotel is absolutely incredible, right on the water with a view of the ruins that look like an arch into the city (but that's out in the water). The owners are wonderful, and my suite is the best I've ever stayed in, bar none. At $25 a night.

I'm going out to explore the island.


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