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Gaia Consort was (is) playing at the nearby Wired and Unplugged tonight, so I thought I stop by and catch the show. It was fun, although I left after an hour or so because my head was beginning to hurt. Ever since I had that ear infection a month or two ago, I have to be careful.

The amusing thing was getting in. W & U advertised a door rate, so okay. I showed up without advance tickets to find a crowd in the coffee shop partition, waiting for the performance room to open. Turns out that nearly everyone in the crowd but me was prepaid and handstamped, and had queued up for a while. So, I waited for the crowd to file in when the doors opened. Got my chai and then went to see about a ticket.

Me: Just one. I'm not prepaid.

Guy at the door: *highly skeptical look* Well, I don't know if I can get you in.

Me: *Patiently waits to see.* All sold out with advanced tickets, hmm?

Guy: *with a look at my stupidity* It's...Gaia Consort!

It wasn't that funny, really. But the way he said it, like a 13-year-old girl faced with a clueless adult commenting that the Hannah Montana show was all sold out, had me bite down on my lip hard to keep a straight face.

Guy, going through his list of names: I can sell you ONE ticket. *stern look*

Me: Good thing there's only ONE of me, then.
Me: WHAT? How about my hypothetical friend?! George? George! You hurt his feelings! He ran away! Come BACK, George! Please! *runs from room*
Me: Oh, good. I didn't want my parasitic twin to follow me in. That bastard always ruins everything!
Me: That's discriminatory against those of us with split personalities!
Me: Uh...thank you.

So, yes. Nice, fun show. I would have loved to stay for the second half, but my ears are protesting enough that it's probably a good thing I didn't. Besides, I was sitting there giggling sporadically about the band being a smaller scale pagan/poly version of teenybopper superstars. Seeing audience members with cat ears and stuffed animals did not help one bit.

I need medication. Ouch.


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